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Zero Zebra Expectations

Do you know what makes for happy holidays…zero zebra expectations!

What are Zero Zebra Expectations?

This year, I’m calling on all zebras (especially if you are the chief zebra of holiday cheer in your home) to:

  • Drop the expectation that you have to make everything perfect.
  • Drop the expectation that they will notice what you hope will be noticed.
  • Drop the expectation that someone will ask you about the thing you want to be asked about.
  • Drop the expectation that they will read your mind and know what to do.

Now, zebras, this doesn’t mean you have to drop your optimism, hope, and enthusiasm. It means being open to people as they are in the moment. It means accepting the situation for what it is and rolling with it.

If you have zero zebra expectations for how things will go or how people will behave, then you are more likely to avoid disappointment, resentment and frustration. These are the things that steal our zebra joy.

Let’s be the zebra love in the room this holiday season. Everything else will fall into place.

Let's have Zero Zebra Expectations and bring joy this season!
Let’s have Zero Zebra Expectations and bring joy this season!

Now, I know you. I really do.

You are reading this and thinking, “No way Susan Alynne. It won’t just fall into place. Even though I’m a zebra, this zebra has to make it all happen. This zebra has to bake the cookies, buy the gifts, decorate the house, plan the outfits, take the pictures, send the cards, keep everyone happy and make everything fun!”

Here are a ways to have zero zebra expectations:

  • Overwhelm comes when we look too far ahead. Just dial it back a little to right here, right now.
  • Ask for help and be specific about what you need.
  • Lower the bar a notch. Then, lower it once more.
  • Play music and dance in the kitchen.
  • Focus on connecting with people more than trying to control or correct the conversation or situation.
  • Take a deep breath, place your hand on your zebra heart, and say something encouraging to yourself.
  • There is such a thing as good enough.
  • You are actually doing better than you think.
  • Be the zebra love in the room.

Sending you love, peace, and joy this holiday season my zebra friend!

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