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I am going to share with you 5 systems to get and stay organized with CVID. Why? Because managing life and a household can be difficult for anyone, but doing it with CVID can be downright impossible if you don’t have the right systems in place.

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Why Do I Need to Use Systems to Get and Stay Organized?

We’ve all tried the “I’ll organize everything in one day and this time I’ll keep it that way” approach, right? Truthfully, how long did you stay organized? A month? A week?

Well, how does the old saying go? Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Managing CVID on a daily basis is hard enough. It’s a full-time job! Now, let’s throw everything plus the kitchen sink on top of our “To Do” list and KA-BOOM…it’s like a bomb exploded in your life! I know, because it happened to me.

I was humming along just fine in life with my full-time sales job, hubby and two kids, new house, etc… Sure, I had always been sick a lot, but I was also a driven person who always found a way to succeed. I had great systems in place for managing my household and all my roles in life. Then, my CVID decided to make itself known and took me out with one punch! (If you haven’t read my diagnosis story yet, it’s a good read!)

My systems, not to mention my life, fell apart. However, slowly I’ve improved upon, implemented and written this post, 5 Systems to Get and Stay Organized With CVID, in hopes that they will help you too!

So, let’s get started!

Start with These 5 Systems to Get and Stay Organized With CVID

  1. Food/Toiletries/Medicines
  2. Laundry-Don’t Be Naked 
  3. Bills-You’re gonna want to take showers!
  4. Event and Appointment Tracking-Doctors’ Appointments Anyone?
  5. Minimum Daily chore List-just so you don’t go crazy

If you have these five systems to get and stay organized with CVID in place, you will be more organized than most. These systems take care of the basics of life. If there’s no foundation, you can’t expect yourself or your family to function without a lot of screaming, fighting and tears.

However, as I was writing this post, I realized it was going to be too much information to share in just one read. So, Instead I’m going to provide an overview here of the 5 systems to get and stay organized with CVID. Then, as I complete and publish each post in this series, I will add link to this overview. (So, check back weekly or better yet sign up to receive our weekly newsletter which contains any new posts published.)

1. Food/Toiletries/Medicines

Food. We all need it, but for me it is something I truly dislike thinking about. Oh, don’t get me wrong! I love to eat! It’s the grocery shopping and meal preparation I found almost impossible to manage with low energy levels due to CVID. It took everything I had to go to the store, check out and drive home. I had no energy left to unload the car, much less put everything away and then cook dinner! Are you with me here?

So, in my constant search for a way to make these chores easier, I created and discovered a few hacks that I will share with you! They involve making a staples list, using the eMeals app, using Amazon’s Subscribe and Save service, visiting the Dollar Store for certain items, and putting my family’s medicine refills on autopilot.

2. Laundry

Laundry in my home is seriously a full time job! Perhaps many of you feel like this too! My hubby and sons must change clothes at least three times a day, seriously. They wear pajamas. Then they obviously wear clothes to school! Finally, they wear yet another set of clothes for baseball conditioning and practice every night. For good measure, let’s not forget their dirt-covered baseball uniforms worn daily during baseball season! 

In this post I’ll reveal my “off-season” baseball laundry routine and my peak baseball season laundry routine. I’ve eliminated any unnecessary laundry steps and organized my small laundry room for max utilization. We’ll also discuss laundry duties (they’re so minor I’m not sure I can even call them that!) that I’m trying to get all my “men” to remember to do!

3. Bills

I’ve always been in charge of our family’s financial duties because I worked from home. In my position, I could take a few moments to pay bills, check on our investments and handle anything else. So, when I could no longer even open my laptop while lying in bed, our financial system fell apart.

As I started to feel better, I worked to find an automated financial tracking system (Hint: Quicken or Mint). You might wonder why my dear hubby didn’t just take over. Well, when I was sick ALL the household and parenting duties fell on him. My dear hubby also works long hours in the public education system. So, during that time, he was just trying to keep the family afloat.

4. Event Tracking and Keeping

Everywhere you look for time management tips, you will find this practical advice: use a paper or digital planner. While this advice is good advice, of course, a planner will only work if you actually use it! Yep, you guessed it! When I was the most sick, my planner was the furthest thing from my mind.

As with my other systems, as my health improved I searched for a digital calendar system that would be accessible to my whole family. This way, even if I was in bed, my sons could check the calendar and see what time dad would be home or what time their baseball practice was each night.

I also developed a reminder system to keep my days’ duties on track. This helped me ensure every family member had the basics they needed each day. Finally, I developed some “rules” for our family for appointment and event tracking that help us communicate better.

5. Daily Chores (that Only This Mother Can Do)

There are certain chores that only I can do for my family. I am the one that is home most and has the most time to do them. However, although I’m at home more with more unscheduled time, I’m also operating with much less energy and many symptoms. 

If that’s you too, you’ll love this system. We’ll identify the absolute minimum that must be done daily in order to keep our household from imploding! So, if I’m having a bad day, the only things I strive to get done are on this list.

We’ll also take a look at some creative ways to find help with house cleaning. Some of these involve your family members and some of these involve outsourcing some cleaning tasks. We won’t stop there though, because I realize not everyone has the resources for paid or unpaid house cleaning help. I’ll also share my house cleaning plan is doable while living with CVID. 

What Are You Waiting For…Get Started with System 1!

I hope you’re excited to start learning about and implementing these five systems! Remember, take it slow so you don’t wear yourself out and aggravate any CVID symptoms. It’s going to take some time, maybe even a few months, to put these systems in place. However, once you do you will feel a sense of relief as all those duties and chores that you’ve been unable to do, are running on autopilot!

As always you can email me with any questions at susanalynne@cvidiva.com!

Stay strong my Zebra friends!

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