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If You Really Knew Me Now…

How well do people know you now after your CVID Diagnosis?

How would you finish the phrase, “If you really knew me now…” It’s been four years since my CVID diagnosis and at times I find myself struggling to be the me I am now. Are you able to be your true self with the people in your life?

Here’s an eye-opening exercise from self-proclaimed gate opener, hope giver, writer, teacher, seminary grad, mama, cowgirl, mama, multiple sclerosis warrior, faith wrangler, and compassion teacher Ginger Rothhaas that can be helpful in enabling you to be more authentic with those you love. Ginger says It can also help you honor yourself. Use this tool to uncover hopes, dreams, goals, doubts, interests, struggles, frustrations, anger, fears, longings, guilts, regrets, secrets, and disappointments that may be buried deep…deep beneath those zebra stripes.

I think this can be a valuable exercise for us zebras and encourage you to perform it with the changes your CVID diagnosis, both good and bad, you have experienced.

Make a list of what comes to mind when you finish this sentence:

If you really knew me now, you would know…

Take it a step further with this one:

If you really, really knew me now, you would know…

And one more:

If you really, really, really knew me now, you would know…

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Ginger encourages you to notice, without judgment, what arises in you as you think about these prompts. You don’t have to share it with anyone. CVID is a lot and I would argue there is a lot more to know about you now.

When you are ready, Ginger says you might consider sharing some things on your list with those you trust. Perhaps something might help others feel less alone. Maybe something would help someone suffer a little less or give them hope that they too could survive (CVID) like you. Or, maybe you return to this list periodically to give yourself the love and admiration you so deserve.

I know in my case, some things on my list might help my loved ones understand my often confusing actions.

Thank you Ginger for this insightful exercise. Visit her website at compassionfix.com.

Stay strong my Zebra friends!

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