Get Wiggy with it

Wigs used to be quite expensive and some still are, however, today you can find the perfect CVID wigs for you with quality human and synthetic hair that are realistic and inexpensive.

I get that a lot of people think wearing wigs or hair pieces is unusual or weird, but I’m here to tell ya Zebras that literally everyone you see in movies, online, in magazines and on T.V. are sportin’ them!

Did you think they all just had thick, lush, perfect hair?!

My Fav CVID Wigs

Christie Brinkley 17″ Long Heat Friendly Wrap Around Ponytail Hairpiece 3 Prong Comb

I use this when I wear hats (which I wear a lot!) or alone if I want a ponytail because the hair piece completely covers my thin, little pony and looks more natural when wore alone. This is synthetic hair that you can use a curling iron on.

Hair2wear Natural Hair Wrap by Christie Brinkley

This is a messy bun that you just wrap around your own “mini bun” if you have one or pin in place. This looks very real too!

Raquel Welch Wigs

Raquel Welch Haiear Downtime Long And Luscious Hair Wig, ss14/88 ss Golden Wheat by Hairuwear

I have found any wig I try with Raquel Welch’s name on it is top notch quality! You can use a blow dryer, curling iron, straightener, etc… on these heat-friendly, synthetic fiber wigs! The wig pictured below is such a deal considering most natural-looking wigs cost upwards of $2000.00. You just can’t beat it!

Raquel Welch Haiear Downtime Long And Luscious Hair Wig, ss23/61 ss Cream by Hairuwear

Raquel Welch Haiear Downtime Long And Luscious Hair Wig, ss15/24 ss Champagne by Hairuwear

Donut Chignon Clip in Hair Bun Extension Blond Ballerina Synthetic Hairpieces Drawstring Updo Hair Piece For Women

This provides for an easy hair do and looks cute and trendy right now!

Synthetic Hair Bun

OneDor 24″ Curly Kanekalon Premium Synthetic Lace Hair Wig (Gradient Bleach Blonde)

The OneDor is by far one of my favorite wigs ever and you just can’t beat the price! Because the hair on this wig is attached to a lace cap that covers your entire head, it looks more realistic. I own three already and now I’m so excited to see that they have a new color out too – Caramel Highlights!

Jon Renau Easi Hair “Drew” Wig

The “Drew” is one of my most realistic looking wigs. You can heat-style the wig and it has a lace, monofilament top that allows for multi-directional parting. Because the hair is synthetic it can frizz at the ends, but this wig has lasted over a year for me and I am still wearing it.

Follea Human Hair Wig

Finally, I come to the Follea Human Hair Wig! The owner of Bravada’s, a wig store in Kansas City, fit me for an amazing human hair wig. I was told it is the most luxurious wig you can buy because the hair is European. The hair truly is so soft and I can style it with any heated tools I want in any way I want! Although this wig is more expensive, it will last forever if cared for properly!

Human Hair CVID Wigs

So, that concludes my fav list of CVID wigs! If you have any questions and/or have any you’d like to share, email me!

Also, be sure to check out my other posts on looking and feeling beautiful with CVID!

Stay strong my Zebra friends!


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