Be American – Choose to be a Strong Link in the War Against COVID-19

We are only as strong as our weakest link.

This was a commonly-heard saying on my high school dance squad. Back then, in the 1990s, I was one of the strongest links in our chain. Today, my compromised immune system puts me at higher risk of serious health consequences if infected with COVID-19.

A few years ago, at the age of 41, I discovered I had a rare, genetic immune deficiency called Common Variable Immunodeficiency Disorder (CVID). You can read more about my diagnosis here and the IVIG infusions I receive every three weeks for the rest of my life here. If you want the short version, basically, my body does not make enough antibodies on its own to fight off infection. 

This means I have little defense against a COVID-19 infection.

Naturally, I have a sense of heightened fear and anxiety (as one would assume). However, I have lived with this heightened fear of infection for almost three years now. I have already bought my fair share of antibacterial sanitizers and wipes, soap, medications, cleaning supplies and yes, toilet paper too! 

It is human nature to “stock up” and protect ourselves from an invader especially when it is an invasion over which we feel little control. I feel this way often in regards to my career, finances, health, time, relationships and more while living with CVID.

Many Americans might also feel a sense of lost control over similar in this battle, however from my own personal experience, I offer the following:

We are fortunate to live in the United States of America –

-a democratic nation with a President and staff, Congress and judicial system that will act in the best interest of its citizens and do their best to help all people and organizations in need; 

-a country with a privatized healthcare system that has the capability to provide excellent care for those patients with COVID-19;

-a capitalist society with numerous knowledgeable and resourceful companies volunteering their services to our government in the war against COVID-19. 

As Americans, we have the choice to be a strong link in the chain that fights COVID-19 in many ways. Let’s continue to do all the good we can in any way that we can during this time.

That’s all that I want to throw at you today. For now, remember to stay calm, check the CDC website for updates frequently, check your state and local government websites frequently, switch off the t.v., and turn your focus toward your home life…at least this is what my immunologist told me. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you more of the detailed instructions, insight, and knowledge Dr. K shared with me with regards to COVID-19.

Stay strong my Zebra friends.


Though DIVA as she may be, her path to success was not easy and is always evolving. Go here to read about her journey in “Becoming the CVIDiva.” If you want to send Susan Alynne a quick message, then visit her contact page here.