Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID) Resources

Here is a list of Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID) resources for CVID patients and loved ones. In addition, I will continue to add to the following list of CVID resources as I hear about them.  Of course, Please feel free to email me at if you would like to suggest a resource to be included!

CVID Resources – Primary Immunodeficiency Awareness Handouts

Below are two of the most commonly seen handouts to build CVID awareness among the general public and doctors. Feel free to print if you would like to give to your doctors.

CVID Resources - 10 Warning SignsCVID Resources - 4 Stages of Testing

The Best Websites for CVID Resources

Below you will find links to the best websites for CVID resources I encountered after my diagnosis. Obviously, I aim to provide websites that are factually backed by long-term medical and scientific research. In addition, I will continue to revisit these websites for update information on CVID.

The Best Blogs for CVID Resources

After my diagnosis, I scoured the internet for first-hand patient accounts. Unfortunately, I did not find many. That is partially why I decided to start my own blog. Once again, I aim to list resources that are currently active and credible so please email me if you know of any more!

Best CVID Resources for Online Support

Below are the best CVID resources for online support that I found after my diagnosis. At the time, I was looking for immediate support especially from other patients.

The Best Facebook Support Groups

Facebook Support Groups can be a source of tremendous support. Most of the groups listed are private groups. You will need to ask to join, but are quickly approved. I included the groups that I know to be most active. You can just read the posts or you can post questions. Other patients are kind enough to offer their opinions readily.

Credible CVID Resources

Obviously, I am not a doctor. I am just a patient living with CVID. Sometimes I am even successful! (I count the small wins a lot!) This list is not a comprehensive list. So, if you find a resource you find credible and helpful, please email me. Also, don’t forget to subscribe below so you don’t miss any posts!

In the meantime, Stay Strong my Zebra Friends!

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