Here in Kansas City, we are only at the beginning of a city-wide/statewide stay-at-home order. However, my family has been following our own stay-at-home order well before the official orders were given. We chose to take early precautions because I have CVID (find out more about it here). In addition, my two sons are also …

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If you are newly diagnosed (you can read about my diagnosis adventure here) and haven’t organized your CVID medical information so that it is easily accessible during an appointment with your doctor(s), you need to as soon as possible! There are people that prefer to store information digitally on their computers or in an app …

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cvid beauty products

Over the course of the last couple years I’ve discovered some beauty products by trial and error that help me look and feel better! My best CVID beauty products may not work for you, but who knows you might just find a gem! What Others Don’t See (Even Close Family Members!) Women with CVID and …

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