Zebras, Zebras Everywhere! If you’re traveling this summer, whether by plane, train or automobile, this Zebra Summertime Travel Guide will come in handy! I’m featuring some Zebra-tastic items that are not only functional but flaunt your Zebra style!   My mom and I are getting ready to drive from KC to Nashville. Nope, it’s not a …

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For the first few years after my diagnosis in 2017, I often wondered about seemingly odd things like how to organize and do the laundry with a chronic illness like CVID. Sounds weird, right? However, I guarantee you that in spite of you having CVID your family can not be convinced to walk around naked …

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5 systems to get and stay organized with CVID feature image

I am going to share with you 5 systems to get and stay organized with CVID. Why? Because managing life and a household can be difficult for anyone, but doing it with CVID can be downright impossible if you don’t have the right systems in place. Why Do I Need to Use Systems to Get …

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