Susan Alynne

Blogger: Primary Immunodeficiency-CVID Advocate and Patient Designer and Shop Owner-Designably Yours Decor

Get Wiggy with it

Wigs used to be quite expensive and some still are, however, today you can find the perfect CVID wigs for you with quality human and synthetic hair that are realistic and inexpensive. I get that a lot of people think wearing wigs or hair pieces is unusual or weird, but I’m here to tell ya …

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Get Your Glow On

It’s a fact of life…you feel better when you get your glow on. For fair-skinned Zebras like me, I look and feel a lot healthier with a tan! Since I’m so over the use of tanning beds because I’ve already had a lovely little bout of Basil Cell Carcinoma, I spray tan and use self-tanning …

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Emotional Health and CVID

I’m going to get real here because not many people will when it comes to dealing with emotional health and CVID. My emotional health has been tumultuous…