Susan Alynne

Blogger: Primary Immunodeficiency-CVID Advocate and Patient Designer and Shop Owner-Designably Yours Decor

CVID Makeup

Just because you have a chronic illness like CVID doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel your best.Let’s face it (pun intended!)…we do feel better when we look better anyway. So, I’ve put together this CVID Makeup Tutorial just for you! I follow these exact steps on days when I feel well enough to put …

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CVID and depression

Depression sucks. Depression with and/or because of CVID sucks even worse. Do you know what happens when your immune system is all messed up?

CBT Help CVID Patients

As a CVID Zebras, we may experience emotions we don’t know what to do with. Can we use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help us deal with these emotions?