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Getting Real About My Emotional Health and CVID

I’m going to get real here because not many people will when it comes to dealing with emotional health and CVID. My emotional health has been tumultuous…

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The Best and Worst IVIG Side Effects You May Experience

Were you recently diagnosed with CVID and want to know all the deets on IVIG side effects? Look no further! I will give you the good, the bad and the ugly!

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My CVID Journey Continues…and Yours Might Too

I wish I could say that after receiving a definitive diagnosis of CVID everything was good, however my CVID journey continues. I WAS WRONG! MY CVID JOURNEY IS NOT OVER! After receiving IVIG treatments¬†for over a year, I still felt like crap. I mean, less crappy, but not what I would describe as well. When …

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